What we do

Since the start of our company in 2004 the breadth and scope of the projects we have been successfully engaged in, together with our partners, has increased constantly. We move along as fluidly as we can with new developments in technology, and new developments in our interests and skill-set. We are pretty much technology agnostic. We just love technology (and large data-sets) and will take on whatever best solves your problem.

We offer services in the following domains.

Business and information analysis

  • Business analysis and functional design for software applications
  • Design and implementation of technology enabled processes
  • Enterprise Architect (UML and business modelling)

Data analysis and data mining

  • Statistical analysis, data visualisation and info-graphics
  • R (statistical analysis, data mining and data visualization)
  • Shiny and shiny-server (Online reactive applications in R)
  • Python (statistical analysis, data mining and data visualization)

Software development

  • C# DotNet (Microsoft)
  • Integration of R and LaTex in C# applications (Microsoft)
  • IronPython Dotnet (Microsoft)
  • Python (Microsoft / OSX / Linux)

Training and publications

  • Training, workshop facilitation, workshop design and content production
  • Writing and editing of manuals, books and e-learning content
  • Online Community Development and Management

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Technical Training

Background information for customers and course materials for training participants.